Learn English for public exams

Master English tests in public exams

Insecurity in translation and spoken English

Plenty of candidates face translation and spoken tests in their public exams. However, the majority of them has never received training in translation, which causes insecurity and uncertainty on how to approach these tests.

They need to practice with someone who can correct and provide them with advice for translating or writing faster, as well as tips to stand out and obtain the best possible qualifications.

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Confidence and success in your English tests

After my training lessons for translation and use of English tests in public exams, students feel more confident and qualified to face those tests. They obtain translation skills, they widen their vocabulary and improve their style, which allows them to obtain better results in the tests and increase their chances of getting the position they want.

Customised method adapted to your needs

I focus on improving the comprehension of the source text, the identification of translation problems or difficulties, the translation of terminology and grammar structures, the acquisition of vocabulary and the improvement in style. I also provide tips and advice related to efficiency and time management during the test. I adapt to your type of test and your work pace, and I offer you a customized approach that ensures ideal results

Transform your
professional future

Mastering translation and spoken English in your public exams will allow you to obtain better qualifications, increasing your chances of getting the position you aim for, and improving your professional and personal future.

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Real cases

Specialist in teaching languages for public exams

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Design of customised lessons.

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Teacher with knowledge in translation and public exam tests.

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Satisfied students with high marks.

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Atención personalizada

Constant accompaniment and follow-up.

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Practical approach

Lessons focused on improving skills and

First lesson on how to prepare your public exams in English now half-price

Seize the opportunity and get a half-price lesson on how to prepare your public exams in English.

Find out how to guide your studies and get valuable advice to face translation and speaking tests successfully in public exams.

The only condition is to fill in the form below and I will contact you to schedule the lesson according to your availability. Don’t miss out on this chance and take the first step towards success in your public exam!

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Common FAQs

The lessons are focused on public exams that include translation and spoken English tests.

I customise the lessons based on your specific need, your English level and the type of exam you are facing.

Yes, there are no long-term commitments so you can pay each class individually.

I send you the files by email in advance. We work with them during the class and I also give you task for you to carry out on your own.

Yes, I provide you with all the needed materials for the preparation of the test, including exercises, readings and additional resources, according to each student’s needs.

Take the step

Provide me with your personal information and I will contact you for a halfprice lesson on how to prepare your public exam in English.

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