I am an English to Spanish and Galician translator specialized in medical and healthcare translation.

I am an English to Spanish and Galician translator specialized in medical and healthcare translation.

I offer a professional and quality translation service to guarantee the effective transmission of your message in the scientific and medical field.

Professional translations for the medical and healthcare field

What better than a professional translator with the appropriate training to be in charge of your documents. Count on me if you are looking for a quick and effective solution. Thanks to my specialisation, I can translate documents on medicine, pharmacy, biology, psychology and the rest of the related sciences.

My work aims to ease communication. I will adapt to your needs, and I will customise the assignment to meet your expectations.

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Specialised translation services

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Translation of medical texts

I can translate all types of medical texts, such as leaflets, case studies, reports, and others.

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Translation of pharmaceutical texts

I can translate patientinformation leaflets, summaries of product characteristics, brochures and any material related to pharmaceutical products.

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Translation of scientific articles

I can translate any article from the scientific field, especially those in the medical and healthcare field.

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Translation of texts from other fields

Psychology, biology, chemistry, anatomy… Do not hesitate to ask me if your document belongs to another field, I am sure we will find a solution.

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The vocation of spreading knowledge

The vocation of spreading knowledge

I have always been a very curious person with a lot of motivation to learn about different topics. However, the decision of specialising in medicine came during my last year of college, when I had to translate a document on a rare disease for my final project, and I was fascinated.

I developed a passion for medicine and knowing more about it, but what I liked most was to think that this document would be accessible to any person who would like to know more about that disease.

That eagerness to help spread information in Spanish or Galician that could be useful for other people is what drives and motivates me in the professional field. And fortunately, I am honoured to fulfil it.

A translator in her client’s shoes

I understand the importance of each of the texts sent to me. Therefore, I tend to be very perfectionist and I take care about even the smallest details of every assignment that I deliver.

What my clients and colleagues say about me

Request a quote

Provide me with the characteristics of your assignment and I will contact you in less than 24 hours to send you the quote and estimated turnaround. To speed up the process and make word counting easier, you can attach the source text to the form.

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